Arielle Fitzgerald

Personal Trainer
Trainer Bio

Arielle Fitzgerald – Personal Trainer – Aurora

Certifications & Education

  • NASM – Cpt
  • CPR/AED certified

Interests and Hobbies

  • Weight loss
  • Behavioral exercise
  • Holistic health

I am 24 years old, mama-to- be, NASM certified, and working on a specialization in nutrition. After high
school I got up to almost 200 pounds and found my passion for fitness at that point. I like to focus on
holistic health and I recognize the power of exercise to influence a person's mental, emotional, and
spiritual health as well as physical wellness. I would love to obtain a certification in massage therapy and
down the road, work with kids to end childhood obesity. I also have great interest in mental health and
the effects of physical fitness on anxiety/depression.

Personal Training